Free access to the Elim Leaders Summit live stream

Free access to the Elim Leaders Summit live stream
Dear Friends,

Imagine what would happen if you could help equip your whole church to thrive in purposeful mission and advance together as a co-missioned community, changing lives with the powerful message of the gospel?

While not everyone in your church and leadership network will be at the Elim Leaders Summit in Harrogate on 9-11 May, they can still access five of the main sessions.

We are pleased to announce that we will live stream our two evening Summit sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday at 7.30pm, along with three morning sessions. These will be available for free on the Elim YouTube channel, to watch live or on-demand afterwards.

Simply encourage your congregation to subscribe to our Elim YouTube channel at and turn on notifications so they don’t miss out on these sessions.

Promoting the livestream to your church

To assist you in promoting the Summit live stream, please download the promotional graphic for use in your church meetings, promotional announcement slides, website, emails and social media.

Click the above image and a full-size graphic will open in your browser.

What’s included in the live stream line-up?

TUESDAY @ 10.30am

Called to the harvest – Chris Cartwright

TUESDAY @ 7.30pm

Messengers of hope in times of challenge – Gavin Calver


What do you see? – Boyd Ratnaraja

WEDNESDAY @ 7.30pm

Power – Danielle Strickland


Confrontation – Danielle Strickland


How to access the livestream

  • Visit the Elim YouTube channel at Make sure you subscribe and turn on notifications.
  • Check our the scheduled livestreams and click the reminder button on each session you want to watch.
  • Watch live or on-demand wherever you have an internet connection, including home groups or a hosted gathering at your church.
  • Share the sessions on social media, embed on your church website and add the Summit playlist to your church’s YouTube home page.



Download all the teachings

As well as live streaming these main sessions, audio recordings from many of the Summit sessions will also be available.

Listen to all the Elim Leaders Summit sessions by subscribing to the Elim Podcast on your favourite podcast app at Audio downloads will be added during the week of the Summit.

Just two weeks left to book

Planning on attending the Elim Leaders Summit in person? Don’t miss the final tickets available for the whole event, each day or evening.

Book now and find out more at

Every blessing

Sarah Bale
Elim Leaders Summit

Need further assistance?

If you have any questions about the summit or making a booking, please contact the summit team at Or call the Elim Leaders Summit booking helpline 01684 588949.