What is The Turning?

In May 2016 The Gate church in Reading, England started a 2 week mission. Before the first day was over it was clear that this was not to be a normal mission; over 80 people had accepted the invitation to pray to Christ on the streets of Reading. Since that time The Turning has grown and spread across the UK, training over 2,089 evangelists and seeing over 7,284 people make a response to Jesus on the streets.

‘The Turning is becoming a phenomenon. What could look like a technique, on closer inspection, is revealed to be a gift from heaven. A gift that miraculously empowers ordinary Christians to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.’
Yinka Oyekan, Turning Team Leader


The Vision

For every believer across Scotland to be equipped to share the gospel and trained to disciple those who respond.

A 3 year plan to work with local churches to launch and develop The Turning across Scotland, including street work, discipleship training, prayer and outreach. From August 23rd 2018, we will be taking part in The Turning, together with other churches across the city. The launch in August will consist of 14 days of Mission, Prayer and Evangelism on the streets of Edinburgh. These days will be split into Training Days and Mission Days in Hubs all across Scotland, which will include worship,training, mission on the streets and evening praise and

Discipleship training will take place on 3rd, 17th, 31st July and 7th August here at Edinburgh Elim, from 7.30-9pm. If you’d like to attend this training, or be involved in The Turning in any other way, please sign up using one of the sign up booklets in the foyer.

After the mission launch in August, we’ll have city wide co-ordinated monthly ongoing streetwork, frequent prayer and weekly discipleship. Teams will continue to go out to minister to the people of Edinburgh, and we will follow-up, train and disciple those who make a commitment to know Jesus on the streets.

For more details, or if you have any questions, email hannah@edinburghelim.com or chic@edinburghelim.com and check out The Turning website here.

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