Gordon Allan – The Proclamation and The Plea
Gordon Allan – The Greatest Conspiracy
John MacMahon – Teen Challenge – Stepping In
Glenn Isaguirre – Giving It Your Very Best
Kevin Peat – Time To Change
Arwyn Cudlip – Covenant
Gordon Allan – Stronger Than…
Gordon Allan – Highway Through The Dangerzone
Gordon Allan – Up Close And Personal
Wee Leon – John  8
Gordon Allan – Great Glory
Revival Ready
Gordon Allan – Beyond The Fear
Andy Hawthorne – The Message Trust
Gordon Allan – Your Word
Geoff Crow – Identity
Novi Maatitawaer – Missions Sunday
Dave Newton – Pentecost Sunday
Hannah Wilson – Relevant Students/YA
Gordon Allan – Resurrection Sunday
Samba Bindia – Fight Discouragement By The Power Of His Name
Gordon Allan – No Higher Name
Gordon Allan – Exalted
Howard Coley – John 21:15-17
Gordon Allan – The ‘Eyes’ Have It
Gordon Allan – The Big ‘IF’
Arwyn Cudlip – All Things Have Become New

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